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Craig Beardsley

Here's a quick start:

1. Aylmer Firebrace. If Thou Criest after Knowldege.
2. Samuel Greenwood. Footsteps of Israel.
Irving Tomlinson. The Revelation of St. John: An Open Book.
3. The Concord State Fair Grounds (but this seems unlikely with the two other reminders cited in this post.)
4. "Behold Satan fall from heaven" or some such thing here paraphrased.
5. Godey's and Gleason's.
6. Poems. (Which just preceded "Take Notice" in the periodcals.)
7. 1883, if memory serves.
8. "Putney" Bancroft, Hugh A. Studdert-Kennedy.
9. William McCrackan. An American Abroad (very wild guess).
10. Thomas Van Ness. The Religion of New England. Boston: Beacon Press, 1926. (Just kidding, but don't I get partial credit for date and author being major S.F. streeet?)
11. Severin Simonsen. From the Methodist Pulpit...
12. Alice Orgain.
13. St. Teresa, Madame de Choisuel.
14. The Creed of a Victorian Pagan. (Extra credit: What's the name of a proposed dissertation by Peel that was never published?


Excellent job, Sherlock. #1 is a better answer than the one I was looking for! Thus there is still an answer out there waiting to be discovered. #2 is also correct but Greenwood's book is not the one I was looking for. Again another answers awaits. #3, 4, and 5 are what I was looking for. #6 is correct but it is somewhat of a trick question. The first copy was received by Mrs. Eddy and given to Adam Dickey (I saw the original in Ray Garrett Watson's collection in 1979), but the later copies did not arrive at Chestnut Hill until just after Mrs. Eddy's passing). #7 is close but but not correct. #8 is correct. #9 is not correct. #10 is actually correct, so there is no need to "kid." The rest are correct.

As far as the extra credit question, I know that Peel wanted to write a dissertation on Mrs. Eddy in the 1930s but was not allowed to do so. I do not have a name for that proposed dissertation.

Craig Beardsley

I'll take one more stab at #2 and then give up on the others. This seems unlikely to be the answer, but in 1922 Joseph Hallinan assembled the 10 vol. Student's New Testament Complilation. Since it was endorsed in the periodicals, I would guess he was a "Christian Scientist in good standing," but don't know that.

As to the Peel dissertation title I mentioned in #14, I must stand down--my off-the-cuff notion without verifying makes mention in quotation marks suggesting a description rather than a title. No point then in citing source.


#2 is still not the one I am looking for, but here is a hint. A second edition of the book appeared about a quarter of a century later, and the author in an inscription to the book wrote this in a copy in my collection:

“May the contents of this book surround you with the wonderful atmosphere of the period when Mrs. Eddy walked among her people, and for their great need, as pilgrims in a new world of Spirit and Love, gave them the seven steps upward from suffering to health and spirituality in her poem:

‘Christ My Refuge’"


Here we go for the final few answers. The ones I was looking for are:

1] Awake to the Perfect Day, by Clara Clemens.
2] From Hawthorne Hall, by William Lyman Johnson
7] 1882
9] Memories from Overseas, by Martin F. Jackson

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