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Calvin A. Frye


Where is this house?


I don't recall the year exactly, but that is the Glover family and others in the 1880s. As you can see, they had much humbler conditions before Mrs. Eddy gave them the "mansion" as some called it at the end of the 1890s.

Donna M. Glover

This is late, but I just found it. The cabin picture appears to be the Glover cabin, north of Lead, South Dakota. Where did you acquire the photo? My husband is a 2nd great grandson of Mrs. Eddy. The forest service tore the cabin down this summer.


Hi Donna, what a pleasure to hear from you. Since George Glover II had five children, do you know which one is your husband's direct ancestor? I would love to know more about your family history. The Daystar Foundation in Oklahoma City has the lengthy tapes that Jewel Smaus made of many hours of interviews with George Glover III in 1970 and 1971. That is filled with fascinating information on the Glover family. Much of the tapes have been transcribed.

The photo appears in the Glover family material at the Longyear Museum outside of Boston.

I hope that helps!

Donna M. Glover

Thank you for responding. Due to the age and the scanning (not terribly clear, sorry) I can say it's the little red headed boy next to George, (I think) Ellen is holding baby Andrew, Mary and Eveline would be the young girls in black and white. We have no idea if Greshom is the young man in back or who the other people are. I'm a genealogist and have worked on this family for years so was in touch with Mrs. Smaus and stopped in at Daystar several years ago. Hopefully one day I can compare my work to hers. thanks again.


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