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Craig Beardsley

Excellent job once again, Keith. For an individual not trained in descriptive, historical, or critical bibliography, you have a real knack for the devotion to acute observation and tenacious research it takes to make sense of the telling of the story. Mrs. Eddy's expressed desire to downplay the attendant publicity to this extraordinarily public intrusion into her privacy stands in vivid contrast to the world's fascination with colorful scandal. In times past as well as in a current screenplay in the offing followers of Mrs. Eddy would like to see her heroically portrayed on the silver screen in this most dramatic morality play even as those plotting the drama for the courtroom hoped to bring about her downfall; William Lyman Johnson characterized the Boston Herald as becoming the mouthpiece for Joseph Pulitzer, which printed articles on the Suit in 93 issues of the paper over 173 days during the Spring and Summer of 1907. Too bad such fascinating historiography elicits such little interest. I appreciate that you've established this blog to pay tribute to the elements that functioned to create a vibrant, living history, without which the movement simply wouldn't be.


Craig, thanks for the appreciative comments. The brazenness of the Next Friends Suit and how Mrs. Eddy responded to it is indeed a story that could appear on the silver screen. (Whether it would be handled well or not is another story!)

The good news is that there is a lot more interesting stuff to present. I like to think this blog is just getting started.

Linda Bargmann

Hey Skip - Ralph told me about Google alerts which I signed up for and this came up this morning on the one for MBE. What an amazing job you did on this.
Thanks so much!


Hi Linda, thanks for the comments, and I hope you have had a chance to check out all of the other posts as well. I will try to give more posts on the bibliography of certain rare books, which for some of us at least will be interesting!


J. Denis Glover sent me the following email message that is a great addition to the discussion of the Next Friends Suit:

"I met three people who knew our Leader, including Adelaide Still.

In respect to the Equity book, I thought I'd contribute to your discussion that Miss Still stood behind Mrs. Eddy when the alienist(s) were at Pleasant View and, therefore, could see their faces. When the question of investments came up and Mrs. Eddy spoke about municipal bonds (and, as I recall, pulled out a little book on them), Still told me that the expressions on the faces of the interrogators changed radically and she knew that Eddy had won them over."

That is a nice bit of history that is not recorded anywhere else. Thanks, Denis.

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