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Calvin A. Frye

Great post and pictures. Pop quiz: What was Calvin's favorite kind of pie? A picture for a hint: http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/2174/images/2174_MEDIUM.jpg

Regarding the 1897 Riley story -- do you mean you haven't been able to verify it? Or haven't been able to find an account outside of Arthur Corey. The first story regarding the leaden bullet sounds a bit too much like S&H 358:2. Unfortunately I have a hard time trusting anything that comes out of Corey's mouth.

All this strips away the mystery surrounding death leaving the wonderful assurance, as Mrs. Eddy puts it in Miscellaneous Writings:

"Man is not annihilated, nor does he lose his identity,
by passing through the belief called death. After the
momentary belief of dying passes from mortal mind, this
mind is still in a conscious state of existence; and the individual has but passed through a moment of extreme
mortal fear, to awaken with thoughts, and being, as
material as before." (Mis. 42:5-10)


Thanks, Calvin. As to your question on Calvin Frye's favorite pie, I will have to guess a berry pie. Am I close?

In regard to the Frank Riley source, I mean that beyond the Corey account, I have no backing for it. Since I do not see it mentioned in Frank Riley's book and could not find anything on it at the Corey collection at SMU, I thought I would add that word of caution at least.

Calvin A. Frye

From Minnie Weygandt's Reminiscence:

She [Mrs. Eddy] liked pies herself, frequently eating apple, lemon, squash or custard pie, though she did not care for berry or mince pies. However, there was a member of the family who liked mince pie and that was Calvin Frye. He could have eaten it for breakfast if it was around - and sometimes he did.


Thanks, Calvin. I especially like Minnie Weygandt's reminiscence. As the cook at Pleasant View she had a lot to say about the meals there, which is more interesting than it sounds.

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