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Calvin A. Frye

1. 1891 in a letter to Augusta Stetson
3. February 15, 1889. "Science and Christianity" It was her only public talk in New York. More than a thousand are reported to have attended the last minute lecture.
4. Hymn #1
8. Address at Annual Meeting, June 6, 1899, My 131:17
10. Hymn #10, Based on Martin Luther's Hymn, "EIN' FESTE BURG"


Thanks Calvin. Great job. All the answers are right on. The letter to Stetson was dated April 28, 1891. It was reproduced in one or more of Stetson's books.

By the way, the answers to 5, 6, 7, 9 are all found in Prose Works.

Craig Beardsley

2. Professor Kent's.

5. That MBE was a second Christ.


Number 5 is correct, from Pulpit and Press, pp. 74-75. Number two is not Professor Kent's house, although about the same time, 1895, there was actually talk of buying property next door to the Kent house.


Here are the remaining answers:

2] Christian Scientists asked Mrs. Eddy about buying her Lynn house from the 1870s, but she decided against it.
6] The year is 1970. In 1895 in Pulpit and Press, p. vii, Mrs. Eddy looked forward 75 years.
7] Material music. See Mrs. Eddy's 1900 Message to The Mother Church, p. 11.
9] The Pearse letter was revised slightly as the article "The Laborer and His Hire," in My., 214-216. John Howell Books in San Francisco about 1980 or so purchased this letter from a London auction but I did not have the money to buy it.

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