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Craig Beardsley

I've travelled fairly extensively while engaged in bibliographic work on CS history, and the only copy of this edition I believe I've seen was in the Keeley collection then housed at First Church of Christ, Scientist, Pasadena, California--another indication of the scarcity of which this post comments. I very much enjoy this kind of post and appreciate the varied and eclectic nature of all the posts thus far. Keep it up! I for one check this blog several times a day and find it richly fulfilling.


Thanks, Craig. I have been traveling so I have been a bit slow in adding new posts. I will try to come up with a balance of bibliographical posts compared to more historical posts that are not focused on publications. They are all interesting to me!

Linda Bargmann

Me too! I'm interested in it all :-)
Is there still a good collection at 1st Church Pasadena?

Craig Beardsley

No, Linda. It was acquired by "Boston" a while ago. I'd like to hear from someone who can shed light on that story. I've heard remors/accounts regarding its acquisition that I'd like to see verified or denied by some authoritative source.


Back in the days of the Archives, before everything was transferred to the Mary Baker Eddy Library, I recall an entire small room was set aside to hold the Keeley collection from Pasadena, but I don't know anything of how it came to sell to the Church other than I vaguely seem to recall hearing that they felt it had become a distraction and the Church had the facilities to take care of it. I also don't know if Mrs. Keeley was a little old lady from Pasadena.

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