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Tim Leech

Interesting. It is especially interesting in context of Peel's early book dealing with Mrs. Eddy's encounter with B. Alcott; I wonder if he was also aware of this exchange. It would also be interesting to search the archival records to see if there are any communications from Frye or Buswell in preparation for their published responses. CoP work 13 years before there was a CoP.


Thanks, Tim. You make a good point, that this this one of the earliest example of Committee on Publication work (meaning a response by someone other than Mrs. Eddy). It is also interesting that they believed it warranted two names at the bottom—one was not sufficient.

Linda Bargmann

Where was the reply published by CAF and Buswell? Was it also in the Woman's Journal?


I don't know if it was ever published in Woman's World. It was published in the June 1885 Journal with a note that it had "been copied into the leading papers of the
country" but I don't know which ones.


I need to add a PS to my last comment. I forgot that the Frye|Buswell notice also appeared in the Mental Science Magazine, Vol. III, No. 3 (December 1886), p. 56. That is what my note says. Why it appeared so late, I do not know but will try to find out.

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