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Craig Beardsley

Thanks, Keith. I've posted comments on most of your "columns" when I've been able to add something I consider pertinent but poetical anthologies with MBE contributions is an area in which I haven't much to contribute. But I will ask if this constitutes "some of the more interesting ones," does that mean that it probably isn't comprehensive or most assuredly isn't--i.e., have you more volumes that exist or that you know about, or is this fairly comprehensive?


Actually there aren't that many more, but Mrs. Eddy of course had her own book of Poems, along with her poems appearing throughout her writings and the CS hymnals. Also she had a poem in the Juvenile Sunday Book in 1850. I believe there are some later anthologies of poetry that have on or two item by her, but really there is not that much else that comes to mind (and we have already discussed the Alice Jennings book of poetry).

Linda Bargmann

I was hoping you would have some pictures of these books so that people who are not familar with them could see how beautiful they are...


Hi Linda,

I will try to get the find time to make some pictures. Gems for You is especially a nice book to see.

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