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Calvin A. Frye

Going backwards.

10. Judge Hanna was speaking of Ira Knapp. To Judge Hanna's credit, he said that they were "beyond [his] comprehension, until I took up the study of this book for myself" (Destiny of The Mother Church, pg. 148)

He was a consistent and persistent student of the Bible and of all of Mrs. Eddy's writings. His understanding of the Bible was deep and clear. He made a special study, I remember, of the Book of Revelation, and at times would give me interpretations of its spiritual meaning which were beyond my comprehension, until I took up the study of this book for myself, and then in some measure, at least, I was enabled to see as he saw. His knowledge, also, of our Leader's teaching was unusually profound. He arrived at his conclusions and conceptions only after the most painstaking study, never holding to hasty or superficial views, which often prove so mischievous. This made him a true Christian Scientist and a sage counselor.


8. From Joseph Armstrong's The Mother Church, pg. 76

The archway leads by five marble steps into a small lobby, brightened by electric lamps, artistically hidden behind the high cornice. The light illuminates the vaulted ceiling, and reflects a soft color, from the rose-tinted walls, upon the white door, with its golden knob. Above the door, in letters of gold on a white marble tablet, is the word LOVE. Near the ceiling on each side, are three small stained-glass casements, admitting enough light from two outside windows, in the two dressing-rooms, to bring out the glazed colors, and enhance the general effect. Inlaid with different-colored stones, in the mosaic landing before the door, may be read:

Craig Beardsley

1. Joy Cometh in the Morning.

6. I'm thinking Julia Field-King, so I'll say 1895.


So far the answers are off to a good start. However #6 is not what I am looking for. As a hint, see the Clifford Smith book. For # 9 it is also in the Armstrong book.


Here are the remaining answers:

#2: She did a portrait of Mrs. Eddy about 1902.
#3: January 1887 (see Historical Sketches)
#4: February 26, 1888. 29 were christened including her grandchildren.
#5: Philadelphia (see Historical Sketches)
#6: 1868. (see Historical Sketches, where Mrs. Eddy said in 1908 about what she had said forty years earlier)
#7: Footprints Fadeless, p. 91.
#9: Twelve copies (see the Armstrong book for her letter of June 5, 1897)

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