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Craig Beardsley

Thanks for the latest post. I find it disappointing that your posts involving rarities don't garner much attention, at least as measured by posted responses. Yet there's any number of collectors whose attention would be arrested should such a item appear on the open market.

Perhaps a future blog might involve how Mind Cure emerged either as a movement that sought to ride the coattails of Mrs. Eddy's success or depending upon the bias of the point of view of research, was already in vogue, perhaps preceding W. F. Evans, but that stepped into the limelight so as to not be overshadowed by Christian Science (in a manner championed by the Dressers).


Thanks, Craig, for your kind comments. The book that I am working on regarding the P.P. Quimby debate will cover some of the issues of Mind Cure.

I hope to make my next post on the history of book catalogs that offered rare Christian Science material. I hope to get to that tomorrow.

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