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Linda Bargmann

WOW - what a treasure you are! This has been so much fun to read since almost all of it is new to me. I do have a few questions:
What was the print date for the first pamphlet by Lyman P. Powell on Christian Science, entitled The Anarchy of Christian Science?
Are all the letters from these catalogs now known and recorded, or are some still "missing"?
Where is the first copy of Science and Health off the press, specially bound in morocco leather, presented by Mrs. Eddy to Daniel H. Spofford?
Have you ever seen the Bible, dated 1865 from Philadelphia, inscribed by Mrs. Eddy (then Glover) to Geo. H. Allen?
Thank you again and again for sharing your life work!!!!


Hi Linda, thanks for your comments. I am happy to be able to share this information. The first pamphlet by Lyman Powell on Christian Science came out in 1906:

The Anarchy of Christian Science, by Lyman P. Powell. Northhampton, MA: Privately Printed, 1906.

I have not done a search at the MBE Library to see if all of these letters are known. Perhaps at a later date I can do that. Regarding the Spofford copy of Science and Health, I do not know where that ever ended up. I would love to know myself. The only thing I know of the Bible inscribed to George Allen is this reference. I have never seen it.


The 1st Edition of S&H done in leather with Daniel H. Spofford's name on the front, stamped in the leather, presented by MBE to Spofford for his monetary support of the printing of the 1st edition 1,000 copies, at least that is what I recall it was for, is now in a glass case in the entrance of Daystar Foundation and Library, OK City, Oklahoma. Apparently, it surfaced at some type of Gun show, and was spotted by a CSist, and purchased, then later donated to Daystar. I believe that is the story in short, but anyone can contact Daystar to confirm whether all of this is true or not. I am pretty sure this is the edition being discussed.


Thanks, Droplet, I will try to find out if Daystar has that edition. I had not heard that before. I don't see it mentioned on their website but that does not mean that they don't have it.


Hi, Keith. Do any of these catalogues mention any older editions of the Christian Science Hymnal? I own the 1909 editon, and am currently seeking more. Do you have them in your collection? If so, could one of your future posts be about them?
Thanks, and awesome website!


Hi Ben,

The catalogs do not mention much about the early hymnals, but I have a lot of information on that. Perhaps this weekend I can do post on the early hymnals. The first hymnal from the Boston Christian Science church came out in 1892, and I have several of the hymnals from 1892-1909 and later. Other hymnals were produced by others in the late 1880s under the name of Christian Science. I will try to report on them as well.

Kenneth andrew Mroczek

"I am currently doing research
on legal conflicts related to the intellectual property of letters. i am
searching for a copy of pp. 38-40 of "Catalogue of the Private Library of
the Late Dr. I. T. Talbot of Boston" published by Libbie & Co. in 1911.
this catalog, includes some excerpts from eight letters which Mrs. Eddy
had written to her distant cousin Hattie Baker in 1876.  would it be possible to obtain scans
of these pages? many thanks for you help!

Kenneth andrew Mroczek

I write to you on behalf of a friend, as he does not have access to post. We look for pages ASAP, if it is possible for you?


I will be happy to do that. I will try to get to it this weekend if not before. I am glad to help.


Hi Kenneth, if you can let me know your email address, I will be happy to send it out. I have it ready to go. You can contact me directly at keith@mcneilbenefits.com if you like.

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