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Craig Beardsley

Thanks for the most interesting post. Apparently there was yet another letter to Johnston that dropped the beginning "Hitherto." As I occasationally ask, can you give some idea as to what material you cite is in the public domain, and where, as opposed to in your collection (to give us some inkling what the others of us might find elsewhere if we were inclined to research) ? I don't wish to be too demanding, and I acknowledge that you sometimes do indicate something along the lines of "in my collection," which I infer probably means that you're distinguishing a source that isn't in the public domain.


I will try to do a better job of citing the source. In most cases the sources listed come from my collection. If that is a letter or other original document then it is not in the public domain, but sometimes I just refer to books that exist elsewhere as well. I will attempt to be clearer on that point.

Thanks for pointing out the lack of "Hitherto" making it into the final text. I had not noticed that before! I guess it "takes a village" to collectively figure all of this stuff out.

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