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Calvin A. Frye

Very interesting article. As was your previous one on the 3rd.

Would it be possible to use higher resolution photos in the future? It is quite difficult to read some of the letters.

Thanks for all the work you put in to sharing these snippets.

Craig Beardsley

Thanks for the post on a subject of interest and intrigue. There's certainly not much that I know about in the public domain on this subject.

Certain items from the estate of Bliss Knapp at Principia pertain to this subject, including an unattributed typewritten manuscript of the history; it alludes to aspects of the back of the one dollar bill as part of the symbolism mentioned in the post. I'd like to see part II of this post which might get a bit controversial for our blogger. I've heard that the CSBD had the pyramid dynamited in 1963; a rousing debate could focus on the merits of the pyramid. Many would hold that the movement needs to avoid the appearance of being, in effect, organized MBE cultists and that such a memorial would be fodder to any faction who would like to make such a case. Others might simply contend that the memorial shows proper respect. Of interest to me are questions such as: 1) If Lord belonged to the coterie that included Dittemore, Longyear, and others of the Anglo-Israel movement, why did he give the property to the church rather than to Longyear--already distanced from the board by her association with JVD; and who in 1920 founded the Zion Research Foundation and Library and who had established the Longyear Foundation in 1923? 2) If the CSBD disapproved of such tributes, why did it endorse similar tributes in 1934 (See the CSM, October 15, 26, and 29 and the CSS 37 (1 December 1934): 271) regarding the erection of bronze tablets in Tilton? The Sentinel article goes on to say "The erection of these tablets is significant because it marks the first action of the CSBD towards identifying sites connected with Mrs. Eddy's experiences...." Maybe Lord stole the Directors' thunder. Or maybe there were other politically expedient matters to consider which were kept from the membership and the public. In any case, interesting stuff.


Hi Calvin, thanks for the suggestion. I have enlarged the copy of the Board statement from 1921 and will try to make sure later posts are a bit more readable.

Craig, I will try to find time to go a bit father on some of the excellent points that you raised.

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