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Craig Beardsley

Thanks for the latest post, Keith. An interesting passage in Richard Oakes' Brown Book, pp. 76-83, narrates some of the complexity of introducing Christian Science to the German culture, if only for linguistic reasons, and that Seal's relationship with the Board "...twenty-five years later..." (p. 82) had become strained--that certainly creates compelling interest in this phase of CS history.

I don't have the first rare edition but I do own a copy of the second; like your's, mine is also inscribed by Mrs. Seal but I don't recognize the name of the recipient.

I have a notation that Annette Herr was working on a history of CS in Germany, but I know nothing beyond that. I'm hoping that you and/or blog followers might know something of this. Also, it seems to me that some work was being done on CS in Nazi Germany but I have no notion of where I might have heard this. Again, anyone?

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