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Craig Beardsley

Allow me once again to be first to register interest in the latest fascinating post. Congratulations once again for the stunning presentation of stuff no one else has or knows about.

I have a curious volume (Meyer D. Siegel, Religion Is Here to Stay Whether You Like It or Not, 1963) which is devoted in no small measure to carrying on the mantle of Frederick Peabody. Like Peabody, Siegel, an attorney, conducted legal research into various cases involving Christian Science; portions of this book reprint correspondence with the U. S. District Court in Boston and DeWitt John, then Manager, Committe on Publication, involving his search into the litigation involving Mrs. Eddy and Joseph Arens. Does the initial "J." stand for Joseph?

Keep up the good work, Keith. I hope others out there find this material of interest. While it appears that Arens developed strategy to credit Quimby so as to avoid the plagiarism charge, it would be worth investigating this kind of connection other early New Thought figures might share with her as well.


Thanks again, and I am interested in the Siegel book. I had not heard of it before. Off the top of my head, I don't know the middle name of Arens. Maybe I have heard it before but I don't recall. When I get to Part II of my planned book, Arens and others will be covered.

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